Samantha ‘’Sam I Am Montolla’’

Samantha “Sam I Am Montolla” Hinds

SAM I AM MONTOLLA aka Princess Shayla is an artist in motion; her love of music led her to singing, songwriting and dancing. Started from the age of 3 in West Indian cultural dances, (Soca, Calypso, and Reggae), then with Jazz ballet but found her passion for Hip Hop dance. She was a member of Outer Limits Hip Hop crew and she is one of the first Waackers/Waacking teachers in Montreal as part of the well-known group The Chapter. She has won and judged various dance battles in Hip Hop, Waacking and All Styles.

She teaches and mentors people of all ages, working at Chalet Kent, encouraging young women, with groups such as Daughters of Rhythm, S.A.M. & Da Sistaz and Dynamic Flows. She is a Montreal artist with diversity and it’s apparent in her style.