Galerie de la Ville

Claudine Ascher

“Dear Mrs. Needles and members of the Dollard Centre for the Arts Board of Directors,

Please be advised by the present that, given the ongoing Library Construction and other restrictions imposed by Covid 19 on my contributions, I have decided to take my retirement from my 32 years as Galerie de la Ville Director/Curator and Director of Adult Art Education for the Dollard Centre for the Arts as of September 30, 2020.  I wish to thank specifically the involvement and dedication of all those, way too many to mention, who joined and supported our efforts over the years, gallery artists (these are acknowledged and remembered in the Galerie archives both physical and virtual), gallery event participants and volunteers, gallery assistants and employees,

 DCA artist-educators, members of the AAD, DCA office staff, of course, DCA board members and DCA adult students who returned to us year after year. It is very gratifying to see how many have been encouraged by their association with the gallery and with our courses to sustain and enlarge their artistic practices.

I salute Jane Needles and the current Board for committing to the sound functioning of an arts-based not-for-profit association, to its continued growth and increased professionalism. It is through this quality service that the Dollard Centre for the Arts distinguishes itself in its service to Dollard’s, and by extension, the West Island’s communities. In this regard, it is also gratifying to know that the relationship between the DCA and City employees has become collaborative and respectful and that DCA office, gallery and studio visibility, access and facilities are being improved. For this, thanks must be expressed to Mayor Alex Bottausci and Dollard City Council.

Looking forward to the DCA’s future successes and accomplishments in my community and contributing to these ends.”


Claudine Ascher
Director/Curator, Galerie de la Ville
Director of Adult Art Education, The DCA

The gallery is located on the lower level of the Dollard Cultural Centre and presents art exhibitions featuring a large variety of styles and media by professional artists. You are invited to attend all opening receptions.

Temporary Closure:

Sadly, the gallery will be closed temporarily while renovations to the DDO Public Library are underway. Once the renovations are complete we will announce the next coming exhibitions!

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